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Our IT Solution Toolbox

Your one-stop IT solutions: Navigate Modulo2's complete toolbox of services.

IT Strategy

With decades of experience, we support a wide variety of clients to define their IT strategy and direction. Our flexible model enables us to work alongside existing internal IT teams or provide clients with their own fractional IT Director at a prportion of the cost.

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Mobile Device Management

In a world where work is increasingly mobile, we are specialists in mobile management.

IT Procurement

With decades of experience and connections throughout the industry, we help a wide range of clients with all their IT Procurement needs.

Data Center

Network Management

Our team of experts can support you with all your network management requirements.


We are experts in migration specifically in the transfer of identity management and between on-premise and cloud platforms.

On-Premise to Cloud Data Moves

Mail/Data Migrations - Expertise

Cloud Technology

We’re proud to say that we were early adopters of cloud-based solutions. Experts in migrating from on-premise hardware to cloud solutions.

Apple Mac Expertise

We have Mac specialists to answer all your Mac needs.


We provide bespoke IT Support facilities to meet the needs of your organisation.

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