What it's like to work at Modulo2?

You might join one of our creative, education or healthcare teams. You could be a manager, helpdesk engineer, or have a roaming role. All our staff and job roles are different, and we like it that way, but our commitment to everyone joining our team is the same.

Your first week

Everyone's first week will be different, but it's important that we introduce you to your new team and workplace. Your line manager will prepare an on-boarding schedule for your first week, to help introduce you to key people and talk you through the systems you'll be working with. Our aim is to give purpose to your first few days as you adapt to new colleagues and a new environment. 

You can view a sample onboarding schedule by clicking on the PDF link.

Your first 6 months
Your first 6 months

We are committed to investing in building a culture of continuous learning and enquiry, and we want our teams to have the tools and incentives to find their own answers to problems. When you join us, you will be given access to our learning portal with a library of over 5,000 creative, business, and technology courses to empower you to learn the skills you will need, at your own pace.  We will tailor a learning path to fit your job role, and allow you the freedom to explore other learning paths, as well as recommend content that may interest you. When you work at Modulo2, you can personalise your learning experience and continue to develop at your own pace.

Regular feedback

To help you settle in to the team, your line manager will arrange regular one-to-one meetings for you discuss what is going well, and where we need to offer you support. Regular feedback is an important part of your continuous development, and allows us learn how we need to adapt to help you.

Annual appraisals

They can seem daunting, but feedback tells us our teams appreciate and even enjoy our appraisal process! It's an opportunity for both you and your line manager to discuss and assess your progress, growth and ambitions, and make sure they're aligned with any proposed projects. The appraisal should stimulate a two-way discussion, and we offer guidance to all our managers on how to help you analyse key areas of development. Some people like surprises, we don't. So, you can read our appraisal document and manager's guide to better understand our approach.

Modulo2 appraisal document

Our managers' guide to appraisals