“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

Chinese proverb

We work with educationalists, helping to deliver IT services and safeguard students. 

Young people are always connected and live their life through their devices. We know how important Wi-Fi is, and how to provide seamless guest access to internet services over Janet network's Eduroam. Safeguarding students using services like Impero to monitor activity is important, but it can also deliver benefits as a teaching tool. We can help you integrate software into your safeguarding process, and make it easier for your teaching staff to remain in control of the classroom.


Large campuses have a large computer estate, with high volumes of computers located in classrooms. We understand the importance of creating a consistent experience for both students and staff, and we know how to standardise and roll-out computer operating systems on scale. We are experienced in the CPC framework and procurement process, and can help you achieve the best educational discounts.

We understand your enrolment challenges too, and the importance of technology in relation to your OFSTED report. We will help you make the most of the academic calendar to deliver projects. 

We know what makes education tick, and can work with you to help make the most of your technology investment.

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